- the Next generation of Information Security Technology.

Information assets are an attractive target. The days of asymmetric defensive cyber risk management are over. We at believe you require the Next generation of Information Security Technology. We move from defense to attack. We move from reaction to practive action. We are not afraid of hackers; we engage with them. We believe that advanced cyber risk management should be affordable to every organisation. This website is dedicated to next generation in cyber security.

Difference between NIST and

Do not get confused. NIST is well known for its excellent standards. We do not represent them. is a website dedicated to advanced cyber risk management. We build our work on the existing standards including ISO27001,ISO27032, NIST, PCI-DSS, etc.

What does deliver?

We will provide recommendations on advanced cybersecurity measures. We bridge the gap between the guidance and leading cyber risk management practice. Our philosophy is that "you should not be online; if you cannot manage cyber risk". We also believe in proactive and aggressive cybersecurity. follows a principle of "informed vendor and guidance neutrality". We work with leading cyber service providers; however, our recommendations are independent. They will always be independent.